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26 Mar 2024

Crypto Signals Telegram

Best Crypto Signals Telegram Groups

The promise of enormous returns in the realm of cryptocurrencies has drawn investors in and led to its explosive rise in popularity in recent years. However because digital assets are very volatile, there are hazards inherent in this dynamic landscape.

It can be difficult to identify this constantly shifting market, even for experienced traders. To streamline the process, crypto signal providers attempt to deliver crypto signals and trading suggestions based on their analysis, research, and experience.

Expert are sharing their expert analysis via different channels. So if you are looking to find some crypto signals expert offering signals to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, here in this guide we have researched and listed some best crypto signals telegram group which will help you to stay up to date in this crypto world.

Things To Be Covered

  • Why Telegram?

  • Understanding Telegram groups

  • Free vs VIP signals on Telegram

  • 20 Best Crypto Signals Telegram groups

  • Conclusion

  • FAQ’s

Why Telegram ?

Telegram has gained popularity among traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to the abundance of channels and groups dedicated to sharing trading signals and market information.

Here are some of the factors that have contributed to Telegram's growth as a preferred platform for cryptocurrency signal producers, along with a list of some of the greatest places to find signals on the network.

There are various reasons why Telegram is so well-liked among crypto signal providers:

Privacy and Security: Telegram guarantees the privacy and security of conversations and signals by providing end-to-end encryption for messages.

Huge User Base: Telegram offers a huge audience for signal providers to contact, with over 500 million active users.

Ease of Use: Signal providers may easily communicate charts, analyses, and other pertinent information with Telegram thanks to its user-friendly design and support for multimedia content.

Instant Delivery: Telegram's instant message delivery enables traders to take immediate action in response to market opportunities by receiving indications in real time.

Community Engagement: Signal providers can interact directly with their audience through Telegram's group and channel features, which promotes a feeling of trust and community.


Understanding Telegram Groups 

Groups of Telegram is communication mechanisms that address the sharing of crypto signals in various ways.

Like chat rooms, groups allow anyone to join in and share ideas, talk about signals, and argue methods.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this is a free-flowing interchange of ideas. However, because there is a constant flow of information, this open environment can be overwhelming for newcomers or those who are prone to FOMO (fear of missing out). 

Admins, who are frequently self-described experts in cryptocurrency, provide their insights and signals, providing a more efficient method.


Telegram's Free Vs. VIP Crypto Signals:

The features, frequency, and quality of these signals might differ greatly. The following are the main variations between the two:

i) Signal Quality: Free signals might not always be as accurate or well-investigated as premium signals. VIP signals are frequently sent out by teams or seasoned traders who perform thorough investigations before sending out signals.

ii) Frequency: Compared to VIP signals, free signals are typically less frequent. While free signals might only offer a few signals each week, VIP signals might offer several signals every day.

iii) Features: Extra features like access to a trading community, in-depth market analysis, and risk management techniques are frequently included with VIP signals.

iv) Accuracy: Although the accuracy of both free and VIP signals is the goal, the additional resources and analysis that VIP signal providers have access to may lead to a higher success rate for VIP signals.

v) Support: A lot of VIP signals have a dedicated customer support line where traders can obtain help and ask inquiries. This degree of support might not be provided by free signals.

vi) Cost: Obviously, free signals are free of charge, however VIP signals typically come with a membership charge. Depending on the supplier and the caliber of service provided, VIP signals might cost different amounts.

Best Crypto Signals Telegram

14 Best Crypto Signals Telegram Groups:

Get the full picture! This balanced exploration unpacks the pros and cons of crypto signals in Telegram, helping you navigate this dynamic landscape without bias. Following are the 14 best signal providers on Telegram.

1) Wolfx Signals

A great option for short-term investors looking for crypto coin signals is WOLFX Signals. The website provides forex and cryptocurrency signal services that are both free and paid for.

With over 83,000 members, their free Telegram group, which began in 2019, gives two signals per week, allowing users to view their team's strategy.

If interested, users can join their VIP groups (Forex or Crypto VIP groups), which provide 1 to 4 signals per day and are supported by AutoTrading Bots such as Cornix for Crypto and TelegramFXcopier for Forex, as well as risk management advice and detailed e-guides for signal implementation.

WolfxSignals also provides three cheap VIP packages: the Crypto plan for $89/month, the Forex Package for $89/month, and the Crypto & Forex combo plan for $139/month.

Users can use Cornix to set up automated trades or manually carry out the signals. WOLFX signals can be used with ByBit and Binance.

The VIP channels also provide brief updates on the cryptocurrency market. This makes it easier for traders to stay informed about recent developments in the sector.

2) Fed Russian Insiders:

A popular Telegram group for crypto signals is Federal Russian Insiders (FRI), boasting over 139,000 members. Based in Moscow, their team focuses on Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin trading with leverage, providing roughly 2-3 signals daily (around 60 per month).

FRI emphasizes transparency and offers a variety of signals: margin signals for ByBit exchange, recommendations for holding altcoins, and strategies for short-, mid-, and long-term traders.

Their unique feature is using Fibonacci sequences, making their signals easy to understand for beginners. They claim an impressive 93%+ accuracy rate, which might explain why competitors struggle to match their success.

Additionally, FRI offers real-time market commentary and technical analysis on their Telegram channel. This comprehensive approach makes them a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the crypto market.

3) Binance signals:

The Binance Signals Telegram Channel is a popular platform that offers free crypto signals, focusing on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Binance Coin.

With a subscriber base of 143K users, the channel provides valuable trading insights to help identify profitable opportunities.

One of the channel's key features is its beginner-friendly approach, providing annotated charts and detailed explanations of trading setups. This makes it easier for newcomers to understand the complexities of crypto trading. Each signal includes price targets, offering a clear direction for trades.

However, not all signals provide specific entry and stop-loss prices, which could be more beneficial for traders of all levels.

The channel provides real-time updates on the potential profitability of its suggestions, including leverage-based profits with 10x or 20x leverage. This transparency allows users to gauge the effectiveness of the signals.


4) Onward BTC:

This source of cryptocurrency trading signals features nine Telegram channels, a Discord server, and more. Furthermore, for the first month, OnwardBTC and Bybit have partnered to provide you with free access to OnwardBTC trading bots and signals on Telegram.

After the free month, your monthly payment for the annual plan will only be $69 each month.

OnwardBTC offers two signal channels: one for short-term signals and another for long-term ones. Furthermore, you get access to Bybit Bots, such as Bybit DCA Bots.

5) Crypto Inner Circle:

The Crypto Inner Circle is a highly respected Telegram group for best crypto trading signals, boasting an impressive 136,000 subscribers.

This exclusive community is tailored for advanced Bitcoin futures traders who come together to share experiences, strategies, and market insights, aiming to collectively enhance their trading prowess.

Upon joining the Crypto Inner Circle, members unlock a treasure trove of tools and resources meticulously curated to sharpen their trading skills.

This includes engaging in discussions and workshops led by seasoned Bitcoin futures traders, as well as the opportunity to exchange thoughts and strategies on current market trends with fellow members.


6) Wall Street Queen:

Wall Street Queen is a leading Telegram signals service, run by a successful female trader, offering a unique blend of crypto signals, education, and community support aimed at empowering women in the cryptocurrency space.

The platform provides detailed signals with technical analysis, market news, and price forecasts, along with advice on risk management. Each signal includes up to 7 price targets, aiding new traders in creating sound risk management strategies.

Wall Street Queen offers both free and paid services, with affordable monthly subscription prices starting at $150. Premium subscriptions provide more information, regular updates, and special high-potential trades.

Whether users choose the free or premium services, the platform prioritizes informed decision-making and appropriate risk management.

7) Crypto Whale pumps:

Another top-tier crypto signals channel is Crypto Whale Pumps, catering to individuals seeking insights into the latest trending cryptocurrency presales and promising new coins for investment opportunities. With over 20,000 subscribers, this channel is a valuable resource for those looking to stay ahead in the crypto market.

Crypto Whale Pumps provides information on upcoming token presales, such as Thug Life, offering beginner investors a chance to learn about the potential benefits of participating in presales.

The channel also offers detailed analysis, helping investors distinguish between genuine investment opportunities and potential honeypots. Investing in presale tokens can be lucrative as they are often available at discounted prices, but it's crucial to choose wisely.

Crypto Whale Pumps aids in this decision-making process by providing insights into which investments may lead to long-term returns.


8) is a platform offering cryptocurrency trading signals and market analysis, founded by a team of seasoned crypto traders. The platform employs a range of technical and fundamental analysis techniques to identify profitable trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Subscribers receive crypto signals via Telegram, providing insights into the most promising cryptocurrencies for investment.

These signals include entry and exit points, take-profit and stop-loss price targets, and risk-reward ratios, enabling traders to make well-informed decisions aligned with their strategy. covers a variety of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, LINK, DOT, and XRP.

The paid plan is priced at just £42 (approximately $47) per month, making it accessible to a wide range of traders.

9) Wolf of trading:

Wolf of Trading, a well-known cryptocurrency signal service, offers traders on Telegram two or three free signals per week. They do occasionally provide notifications for other altcoins, but trading BTC and ETH is their main focus.

Because each signal contains an entry price, a stop loss level, and at least three consecutive price objectives on an annotated chart, they are all easy to automate.

The majority of Wolf of Trading's recent trades have been profitable, even though it does not maintain track of its total victory %. They also provide a fear/greed indicator each day, but it can be challenging to interpret, thus the service's educational aspect has to be improved.

The administrators and founders are dedicated community members who are professional traders who provide incisive market analysis, business news, and risk management techniques.


10) Crypto Bull:

Crypto Bull's Telegram channel is rapidly becoming a go-to resource for savvy crypto traders, boasting over 122,000 subscribers. They move beyond simple trading signals, offering a wealth of actionable insights.

Expect timely news updates, deep dives into market trends, and insightful trading signals that cater to both short-term and long-term strategies.

Crypto Bull keeps you ahead of the curve by providing information on the latest regulatory actions, like the SEC's decisions on Ripple ($XRP), and how these might impact the market.

Their team of experts shines a light on complex technical patterns, like peak hash rate or Bitcoin consolidation phases, making them understandable for both new and experienced traders.


11) Dash 2 Trade:

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency signals system and a new coin, aiming to simplify trading through a comprehensive crypto signals group. The native D2T token has raised over $15 million in its presale and is now tradable on various exchanges.

Unlike many crypto signal providers, Dash 2 Trade is developing a platform with diverse tools to enhance trading tactics, expand knowledge, and boost profits.

These tools include social indicators tracking buyer sentiment and project mentions on social media, an on-chain analytics monitor for trend tracking, and an alerting system for exchange listing alerts.

Dash 2 Trade also offers a customizable auto-trading API, a backtesting platform for strategy development, and integrated technical indicators. Additionally, trading signals are provided to indicate buying and selling opportunities.

One key feature is the Dash Score, a custom crypto presale rating system, which helps users invest confidently in projects and avoid scams. Users can subscribe to the platform using the D2T token instead of fiat, with three tiers available:

1) Free: Allows users to test the platform and access social and market analytics.

2) Starter (400 D2T per month): Provides access to a members-only Discord group, automated trading tools, and on-chain data.

3) Premium (1,000 D2T per month or 9,600 DT2 annually): Offers access to all features, premium Discord channels, and exclusive giveaways.

12) NFT signals:

A platform called NFT Signals provides trading alerts for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A group of experienced traders curates its signals.

The platform promises a 41% return on investment and a 93% success rate. Through its Telegram and Discord channels, traders can obtain buy and sell indications for NFTs.

Free signals aren't provided, though. A monthly subscription to the VIP channel is $56. Additionally, traders have the option of a quarterly or annual plan with substantial savings. Traders who subscribe can receive at least five NFT signals every week.

Furthermore, there are frequent posts regarding new NFT initiatives on the VIP channel. It also provides information on free NFT mints to traders and how to get whitelisted for future projects. Every week, there is also a Q&A session to talk about NFTs and cryptocurrency.

On its website, NFT Signals also posts its monthly findings. For example, NFT Signals claims that in February 2023 alone, it closed 40 deals and made $5.18ETH/$8,115 in profit.

13) Fat Pig Signals:

Fat Pig Signals, founded by a team of crypto enthusiasts in 2016, started offering crypto trading signals on its Telegram group a year later.

With nearly 50k subscribers, its free Telegram channel provides up to two signals per week, including information on the crypto pair, take-profit target, and holding period.

For more detailed signals, market analysis, and yield-farming recommendations, users can subscribe to the VIP service.

This subscription also includes portfolio composition, rebalancing, alerts about new crypto projects, and updates on relevant market news. Additionally, Fat Pig Signals publishes its monthly trading results on its website.

However, the platform's high subscription fees may be a drawback for some. The provider charges $750 for a three-month membership, with six-month and one-year plans available at $1,150 and $2,200, respectively.

14) Signals blue:

Signals Blue, operated by a team of experienced traders from Europe and North America, utilizes AI-powered software to monitor the market continuously.

Their professional traders create trading signals based on this data, which are always supported by technical analysis.

Subscribers can interact with these traders via the Telegram group, and Signals Blue alerts can be used with Cornix for automated trading.

The signals are compatible with several major exchanges and cater to short-term, leveraged, and long-term positions.

The monthly package costs £229 (about $270), with an additional £19.99 monthly fee for access to Cornix integration or APIs.



  1. What are crypto signals on Telegram?

Crypto signals on Telegram are trading suggestions or recommendations for buying or selling cryptocurrencies, provided by experienced traders or analysts.

  1. How do I join a crypto signals Telegram group?

You can join the crypto signals Telegram group by searching for relevant groups using keywords like "crypto signals" or "cryptocurrency trading" in the Telegram app and then clicking the "Join" button.

  1. Are crypto signals on Telegram reliable?

The reliability of crypto signals on Telegram varies depending on the group or channel. It's important to research the group's track record and credibility before following their signals.

  1. Do I need to pay for crypto signals on Telegram?

Some Telegram groups or channels may offer free signals, while others may require a subscription fee or one-time payment for access to their signals.

  1. Can I make money with crypto signals on Telegram?

While it's possible to make money by following crypto signals on Telegram, it's important to remember that trading carries risks, and there are no guarantees of profit.

  1. How can I verify the accuracy of crypto signals on Telegram?

You can verify the accuracy of crypto signals by researching the group's history, checking their success rate, and looking for reviews or feedback from other users.

  1. What should I consider before following crypto signals on Telegram?

Before following crypto signals, consider the group's reputation, the frequency and quality of their signals, your risk tolerance, and the amount of capital you're willing to invest.

  1. Are there any risks associated with following crypto signals on Telegram?

Risks include the possibility of receiving inaccurate signals, following signals from untrustworthy sources, and the potential for loss of investment.

  1. Can I use crypto signals on Telegram for automated trading?

Some traders use crypto signals on Telegram for automated trading by connecting their Telegram account to a trading bot that executes trades based on the signals received.

  1. Where can I find the best crypto signals on Telegram?

Finding the best crypto signals on Telegram involves researching and joining reputable groups or channels with a proven track record of providing accurate and reliable signals.


Final Conclusion:

The world of cryptocurrency trading signals on Telegram offers a plethora of opportunities for traders to enhance their strategies and potentially increase their profits.

However, it's crucial to approach these signals with caution, as not all providers are reliable or trustworthy. For your journey we have shared  best crypto signals telegram hope it will help you.

Conducting thorough research, understanding the risks involved, and using signals as one of many tools in your trading arsenal are key to navigating this dynamic landscape.

By staying informed, being cautious, and using signals as part of a comprehensive trading strategy, you can potentially improve your trading outcomes in the exciting world of cryptocurrency.